tätowierroboter / tatoorobot

2002, Vienna

With four injection needles and Chinese ink, this machine, which is attached to the upper arm and thus part of the body, tears apart certain layers of the skin, which is to say the natural defense of the body, and drips color into the wound, thus painting a permanent symbol onto the given surface of the human body. During this intervention, an intimate bond with the machine is established in the mind of the marked person, a bond as permanent as the picture itself. Furthermore, between the creator of the machine and the marked person, which can, but need not be, the same individual, a bond is established via the definition of the symbol embedded into the machine by the creator, since the symbol is predefined, and does not emerge from the machine, but from the programming by the creator. The symbol, an anchor, like sailors wear as a symbol for steadfastness and belonging, intensifies the emotional bond to the machine through its meaning.